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Michigan VA Loan closed in 9 days, a record for Michigan VA Loans and all VA Loans nationwide.

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VA Loan Rates Today

SFC Michael Gustafson: 

Fort Bragg VA Loan closed in 10 days, a record for North Carolina VA Loans.

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VA Loan
VA Home Loan Purchase

The VA loan program, made available through the VA home loan program, affords Veterans and servicemembers the opportunity to purchase a home without the need for a down payment. The VA purchase loan program streamlines the process, as closing costs are minimal. A notable benefit of a VA loan is the exemption from private mortgage insurance. Additionally, those servicemembers with a disability rating of 10% or higher are exempt from the VA funding fee. The VA loan program is a highly advantageous option for those who have served in the military.

VA Loan
VA IRRRL Streamline

The VA Streamline program, also known as the VA IRRRL program, offers a swift and efficient path for servicemembers and veterans to refinance their current VA loans. One of the key benefits of this program is the minimal documentation required, which makes the qualifying process for these types of VA loans much easier. Unlike traditional loans, there is no need for income or asset verification on VA IRRRL loans and the employment verification is limited to verbal confirmation. This VA loan program is designed to help servicemembers and veterans navigate the refinancing process in a smooth and streamlined manner, without the need to provide excessive paperwork.

VA Loan
VA Cash Out
Consolidate Debt

The VA cash out loan program presents a solution for consolidating current debt into one payment at a low VA fixed rate. By incorporating multiple debts into a VA loan, this program simplifies financial management and reduces overall interest rate. The average American's total monthly debt may reach $32,000 or more. Consolidating this debt through the VA cash out loan program can result in savings of over $1000 per month on monthly payments. This program serves as an effective means for servicemembers and veterans to manage their finances and streamline debt.

VA Cash Out
VA Home Improvement

The VA cash out loan program allows veterans to access cash from their VA loan for the purpose of home improvements. The proceeds from VA cash out refinances can be utilized for a variety of home improvements, including those related to energy efficiency such as VA Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEM). This program provides veterans an opportunity to enhance their homes and make them more comfortable, while also potentially increasing their energy efficiency and reducing utility costs.

Empowering Veterans to own Homes.

Defending the American Dream, earned the right to live it. Take advantage of benefits earned through military service.

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What can I afford?

Discover your potential monthly payments with a VA loan. Get a fast and easy estimate now.

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First-Time Homebuyers

Discover the benefits of VA loans, specifically designed for veterans and military families. Learn how it can make buying your first home more affordable and accessible.

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Unlock the door to your dream home with our captivatingly low VA Loan rates! Don't wait, secure your interest rate today and take the first step towards a bright future in the home of your dreams.

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No Down Payment

Take advantage of your military service and own your dream home with a VA loan. Enjoy the benefits of $0 down payment and start saving today!

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Start Your Quote

Begin your homeownership journey with confidence, join the thousands of veterans who have chosen us as their trusted VA loan provider.

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Watching the Market for you like Snipers.

VA Loan Refinance Benefits

  1. No income documentation required on VA Loans via VA mortgage Streamline or VA IRRRL program.

  2. VA loans for borrowers with low credit scores can qualify.

  3. VA loans for borrowers with bad credit are also eligible.

  4. VA Fixed and VA adjustable rate programs available for all VA loans.

  5. VA Loan amounts up to $700,000 available for all VA loans.

  6. Veterans, current service members of the military or a surviving spouse of a veteran may qualify for a VA loan.

  7. VA loans are fully backed and guaranteed by the United States Department of Veteran Affairs.


Veterans, you may qualify to refinance up to 100% of your home or purchase a home with no money down. You served your country, now let our VA loan experts serve you by helping you understand the benefits of this loan program. 

VA Mortgage Loan: Purchase Benefits


  1. VA loan options with 9 to 30 years available 

  2. VA fixed rates included in list of VA mortgage options available

  3. 3/1 and 5/1 VA adjustable rate mortgages available

  4. No down payment per VA loan limits in your county

  5. Gift funds and seller concessions may be possible on all VA loan types

VA Loans

Order Your Free VA Loan Info-Kit

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A VA home mortgage loan is the best VA loan benefit for those who served and continue to serve. Why? VA loans are designed to give brave American heroes total control over their VA mortgage loan, along with the best VA mortgage rates, so they can worry less about their VA loan while they are busy saving the world & defending the greatest country.


You can shop for the best VA loan rate on the market, whether you are buying a VA home loan, refinancing a VA mortgage loan, consolidating debt via VA Cash-Out, etc.

Easily complete the VA loan request form to get VA mortgage advice only from a federally licensed VA Home Mortgage Loan Expert. 
Our special guarantee on all VA loans
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